English I Honors

Welcome to English I Honors! This class is an introduction to literature course designed to help all students improve their skills in reading and writing. We will specifically develop students’ ability to express their ideas, follow and understand standard English conventions, understand words in context, and demonstrate command of evidence to support their analysis in both argumentative and informative writing. It is my hope that all students, parents, guardians, and myself will work together to reach these goals for a successful year!

Summer Homework

In order to proactively prepare for our first unit, please follow the directions in the attached handout. You will use Edith Hamilton’s Mythology to complete the assignment. The full text can be found online. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns.

Course Reading

All reading for the course that has entered public domain or can be distributed under fair use can be found below. For other assigned reading, hard copies will be provided in class or can be found through other online sources.